Saturday, July 12, 2008

My 3 H Day

I can sum this morning's 5k up in three words: Hot. Humid. Hilly. It was just brutal out there. The race started at 8am and by the time we finished up and made it home, it was already 87 degrees with 70% humidity. HOT HOT HOT. Plus, there were quite a few hills on our little course. You know how I feel about hills. No thank you.

I guess the official results will be posted in the next day or so. I believe I did it in about 48:00 which is a nice little 15:30 mile. Average for this turtle. The Speedy Captain did it in about 28:00. He's uber fast.

When we got home, the kids had made a little surprise sign for us.

Note that Cooper signed his alter ego - Batman. He also put 3 "o's" in his name. Time to go back to school.

Maybe it was the heat or maybe just my lack of any sort of real running in over a month, but the race totally wiped me out. I've been sleeping off and on all afternoon and really have no energy to do much of anything.

An update on my is definitely coming off. I can see where it is growing away from the base of the nail. Totally yuk. Coach George is thrilled.

Good news from the Great Tomato Project. I have blooms on my tomato plants!! One of them has opened and I can see the yellow flower. And there are a few other little blooms on there too. If you look really careful in this picture, you can see one unopened bloom right in the middle. Look at about 1 o'clock from that bloom and you can see the tip of the yellow bloom. Hooray!

The Bloggie Doggie hasn't felt very well today and last night. His tummy has been upset. That's always nice - cleaning up dog puke. But he still always asks to play with his Frisbee.

We're just laying low this afternoon. Nice for a change.

Stay cool people.

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