Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random thoughts on a hot morning

There is not a lot going on this morning...other than the oppressive heat.

Jordan spent the night at Mom's last night with my niece for their Girls Night. Anytime Thing One or Thing Two is missing, the house feels unbalanced. Much quieter. But unbalanced.

I completed Week 1/Day 2 of the Pushup Challenge this morning. It's not gonna' be easy at all and there is nothing fun about it. The only good thing is that it doesn't take very much time to complete. And hopefully I'll gain some upper body strength and a little arm and shoulder toning which wouldn't be all bad.

An update on the Great Tomato you can see, part of the plant looks good but part of it is awful. However, on the good part, there are about 10 blooms. And this morning I saw A TINY BABY TOMATO!!! The dead bloom had fallen off and there he was - a teeny weeny baby tomato. We'll see if he can make it to term. Since I don't have extensive tomato growing knowledge, I don't know if this Topsy Turvy grower thing really does better than good ol' ground planting. I would think that maybe I am having to water it more since it's a free standing container of soil - I think that may dry out quicker. Who knows. Anyhoo, I water him every day and am trying to pull off the dead parts so the healthy part can grow better. Stay tuned.

In sports news, Brett Favre has asked the NFL to be reinstated. Now the ball is in the Packers court. I really like Brett Favre, but have not really been a fan of how he has handled this whole retired/unretired thing. Guess it is a lesson for all of us: Better think through a situation pretty darn good before you make some kind of major decision. I guess everybody is entitled to change their mind, but when he said he was retiring, they moved on to another QB. So it's not fair for that guy to now play second fiddle. Anyway, will be interesting to see where he ends up. If anywhere. I'm personally tired of hearing about it.

Cooper was outside last night, came in, flew through the house, ran to his room, and headed back out to the backyard with his binoculars. I think he was watching dragon flies. We've had quite of a few of those lately in our yard. Anyway, the next thing I saw was this:

So take the Bloggie Doggie's advice, and be on the look out people.

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Anonymous said...

Either Cooper is "training" Gauge or wants him to keep track of the binoculars. At least he had not chewed them up - yet. Only a 6 yr old boy would come up with this.

Angie said...

Considering Gauge has just run through the house with a computer cd and then a baseball in his mouth, I'm surprised he didn't chew them up too!