Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Scorcher & Some Cabin Fever

Today is expected to hit 97 with a heat index of 110. That's just brutal. It's just too hot to do anything. The kids are entering that "last two weeks of summer and they are ready for school to start but they don't know it because they are bored and getting stir crazy". It's too hot to get outside to play, even at night. We haven't been able to swim at all this summer, so they haven't been able to get rid of some of this energy. Cooper is definitely on energy overload and seems to be constantly running around screaming or jumping or terrorizing the Bloggie Doggie. He will just pounce on top of him and say "iloveyoumydarlinggaugey". He is W.I.L.D. right now I tell you. Jordan seems to be doing ok. She is obsessed with All Things Jonas. We do try to make the best of our time inside and have been playing lots of games, watching movies, playing on the computer - but man, I wish we could get outside and PLAY. I guess you can have cabin fever when it's 100 outside....

Cooper also has a new little Batman playset thing. It's like the Batcave and has a Batman and Joker action figure. He is loving playing with this. The funniest thing is to hear him doing his Joker voice -- it sounds like a mix of W.C. Field, Jimmy Durante and Gilbert Gottfried. It is hysterical and just has me in stitches.

I am DETERMINED to finish my book today. I'm reading Janet Evanovich's 14th. It's good, but probably not one of her best. I feel like I'm reading and reading and reading and can't get past the half way point. There's probably more Morelli in this one than Ranger. Ranger is my fave, but Morelli isn't too bad either.

The Bloggie Doggie was so excited to get a visit yesterday from his favorite aunt. She lovesh him.
Take a look at the Captain who has assumed the position for the afternoon.

Bishcuit kishes....only Connie.

Have a good Saturday people. Hope you can beat this heat.

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Aunt Connie said...

I do wuv the boy...he's my third favorite furry! Sho Shweet!!!

Jessica said...

Oh my word, you and your sister could be twins! I thought that was you until I read it!