Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the games begin!

I hope you caught at least part of the Opening Ceremonies last night. Some of it was just amazing. It seems like some years the ceremonies are a bit weird or hard to follow, but last night was really spectacular. Here are some of our favorite parts.

Cooper loved the drum part. He came back in the den dressed in black and, utilizing our kitchen stools, treated us to our own drum performance. Jordan dolled herself up in scarves and make up and was a regular geisha girl I tell you. Those kids have an amazing imagination. I love watching them come up with this stuff.

Cooper doesn't grasp what the whole Olympic thing is all about. I guess he was only 2 during the last Olympics. He keeps asking if it's like the "Disney Channel Games" or more like "I Survived a Japanese Game Show". Ummmm, neither.

Ready to tune in to the sporting events today. It looks like there will be something on at any given point during the day or evening! HOORAY!

Look what I saw when I went to Google this morning.

Are you telling me that those neato creative folks at Google are going to have a new Olympic themed masthead EVERY DAY OF THE OLYMPICS!?!?! Oh be still my heart. I can't wait to see.

Ain't too proud to beg. The Bloggie Doggie is hoping that the Bottomless Pit will drop a waffle on the floor.

Off to do the Saturday crossword, a little laundry and some other housework. Then going to cheer on the USA!!
Catch the Olympic spirit people!

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MOM said...

It was absolutely awesome. Can't decide what was my favorite. And, yes, heard about the baby this morning. Just came from Kroger and noticed their gas is $3.49. Imagine being excited about that. I can remember when it was 34 cents/gallon.
Now to my TV and the games.

angie said...

$3.49 BEFORE your discount or WITH your discount? That's great regardless. Shoot - I just filled up two days ago....

MOM said...

That was before discount. And, I had just filled up Thursday, too. But, oil was down to $117.00 a barrel Friday, so maybe this will last for a bit.