Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Miscellany on a Tuesday Morning

I finished the James Patterson book last night. It was ok, definitely not one of his best. It was kind of weird actually. The girl can see the future and sees dead people. A very different book for him I think. For me for sure. I'm digging into a new Harlan Coben tonight.

Maureen McCormick turns 52 today. She is better known as Marcia Brady.

Brett Favre didn't show up for training camp yesterday. The Packers got Ari Fleischer to speak to the team last week. He's the former White House Press Secretary who now has his own sports communications company. Will Favre try out for his old job? Will the Packers trade him? What a total circus all of this is.

The Yankees - coming off a huge win on Sunday - lost to the Rangers last night after a walk off grand slam. Boo. Giambi shaved his 'stache. I still heart Derek Jeter.

Tropical Storm Edouard is making landfall today in the Port Arthur/Galveston area. I'm concerned about the Captain's sister who lives in Houston and is in direct aim of Ed, but reports are they will only get some heavy rain.

Cooper was very proud of his freshly cleaned teeth last night. I made him smile at me to show me and he said, "I'm like those people on tv who smile and their teeth sparkle and show diamonds and go 'ting ting'."

I fought my sleepy eyes last night and stayed up to watch what I thought was the season finale of The Mole, only to discover it is continued to next week. Anybody else watching that? Who do you think is The Mole? It's the only reality type show that I watch. And actually I don't think many people watch it anyway. Too bad.

The Bloggie Doggie's favorite Olympic sport is fencing. He challenges all of you people to a duel.

This post was all over the place. But that sums it up people. Have a super day.

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MOM said...

I forgot to tell you that the last time I was with the kids at your house, the Bloggie Doggie came to me with an open paper back book in his mouth. Not sure if he was wanting me to read to him, or if he was showing me what he was reading that day.
Seems like everyone in that family reads. That is a good thing

Connie said...

I have such a smart neph-dog!!

angie said...

He loves to just TEAR INTO a good book. Really enjoys DEVOURING a good read. Man, he EATS IT UP.

MOM said...


Anonymous said...

You were reading a book last night? - and here I thought you would be "glued" to the Carol Burnett shows that were shown.

PS - We hope we are still around to see Jordan's private jet to "commute" to Freed-Hardiman.

Jessica said...

Just One Look is so good!!! You'll read it in a day!