Monday, August 11, 2008

A mother's heart

OK, the peeps have successfully been dropped off at school. Cooper seemed a bit nervous at first and said he wished it could be summer every day, but did very well. After a little angst about 'uniforms that were very scratchy because they have not been broken in yet', Jordan had a nice morning.

I always bawl my eyes out in the car as I drive away from school hold it together pretty well on the first day of school. I did pretty well this morning. The tears never fell, but they definitely welled up. Jordan will be ok. It did appear that she has 5 boys in her class and the rest are girls. I'm sure that is a cat fight waiting to happen will not even be a social issue. And Cooper is just a baby and in no way is ready to be in the big building with all the big kids will be ok too. School this year is whole new ball game for him. What if he can't get his belt on and off and doesn't go to the bathroom all day long and then goes into kidney failure? What if he gets lost going to meet Jordan at the end of the day to head out to carline? What if he has forgotten how to read over the summer and gets off to a rocky start? What if he's really not ready for first grade? All of those things sound so ridiculous, but are such real fears to me. I'm an emotional basketcase I tell you.

Then, I finally get it all in check and get to work only to find this email from one of the deacons from church who is on a mission trip in the Ukraine. He reported that he had taken some gifts for our missionary's daughters. "Among the gifts are some glow sticks - I was thinking about Bro. Wayne and all of the family when I got them for the girls." More tears. (Long story, but my dad used to pass out glow sticks for all the kids and that little tradition means so much to my family. Not only did we mention it during his funeral, we buried him with 5 glowsticks in his casket. One for each grandpeep and one for him.) Just very special that Daddy continues to make an impact. Meant so much to me for this guy to think about that and share it with us.

It has been quite an emotional morning for me. My mind is wandering to school - to my 'elementary bookends (1st & 6th)' and I'm wondering how their day is going.

Time marches on people.

Song of the Day
what day is it
and in what month
this clock never seems so alive
i can't keep up
and i can't back down
i've been losing so much time
~Lifehouse "Me, You and the People"

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