Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

It's back to school today. I think the kids are excited. I always get a little emotional on the first day of school. It just proves that they are growing up and getting bigger. How time flies and how my babies grow. They are looking forward to being in the same building this year. This year will be a huge adjustment for Cooper. It's the real deal now. I hope they do ok today. They have had a most relaxing summer, and with the exception of VBS, volleyball camp and swimming lessons, they did NOTHING. Good for them. They went to bed ok last night and fell asleep quickly. Waking them up this morning will definitely be another story.

Did anybody stay up late to watch the men's 4x100 swimming relay? If you didn't, you missed an amazing comeback performance where they won the gold. It was soooo exciting! Lezak, the guy who swam the last leg, was almost a full body length behind the leader. And then just pulled ahead. The French team had been giving us a little lip all week about "smashing the Americans". Well, not only did we smash those mouthing monsieurs, we smashed the world record too. Very, very cool.

Speaking of cool, you know how I love those folks at Google. This was yesterday's and today's tribute to the Olympics.

Poor Bloggie Doggie. Cooper said he was "Little Red Robbing Hood".

Take an apple to your teacher people.

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