Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not even human

Michael Phelps just did it again. Six gold medals. Six world records. He's amazing.

Did you see the little feature they did about him right before the race? Maybe some of this is why he is as good as he is:

He's 6' 4", but has a wingspan of 6' 7".

He has size 14 feet and is double jointed in his elbows and knees.

His legs are short - those of a man 6' 0". But his torso is long - that of a man 6' 8".

He has a 32" waist (Could have gone all night without hearing that one).

He burns 4000 calories in a workout and his heart pump twice as much blood as that of the average man.

Plus, he can just swim really, really fast.

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