Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Numb's the Word!"

I was read this a few days ago about the Farmers Almanac predicting a colder than normal winter with above average precipitation. There is a guy named Weatherbee who predicts there will be a 'less active sun' this winter.

Other signs in nature that apparently point this way are an abundance of acorns already on the ground and the frequency of fog in August. Now, the Captain is headed to the woods this weekend, so he can confirm or deny the acorn theory for us. And, as for the fog, haven't you noticed we've had plenty of foggy mornings these last few weeks??? Hmmmmm.....

I shot an email to my favorite weather guy and he cleared it right up for me with info about the enhanced magnetic and thermal flux and the response of the geomagnetic field. What?!? I couldn't understand a thing he said, but I think his point is an inactive sun equals more low-level clouds and snow and thus a colder climate.

Now the interesting thing is the National Weather Service is predicting a warmer than normal winter. So they are at odds with ol' Mr. Weatherbee and his acorn counting, fog watching self.

The long and the short of it is....Winter's coming.....go buy yourself a new scarf today people.

Class dismissed.

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MOM said...

That translates as soup time - YUM