Monday, August 18, 2008

Phelps is Phenomenal

Eight events. Eight gold medals. Seven world records. Michael Phelps was amazing. Really. How awesome it was to watch him. Don't you know NBC's ratings were through the roof last week. A great wrap up on about everything he did. Here's some frame by frame photos of the Friday night race where he won his 7th gold by the hair of his chinny chin chin. Again, just amazing. After his last race, when he had shown the world that he was the best, what was on his mind? "I kind of just want to see my mom." Gotta' love a momma's boy... It was a great week and I loved watching every minute of it.

Did you catch the women's marathon on Saturday? The winner did it 2:26:44. That was so awesome. (I'm a former marathoner too you know. I chose to complete my marathon, however, in almost triple the Olympic time so I could enjoy all the San Diego scenery and drag out my experience as long as I could.) We watched some other track and field events over the weekend. These people are just so fast. It's amazing to watch them.

A little Google shout out to rowing and table tennis:

Thought I would share two of the Bloggie Doggies most favorite pictures. We took these with our digital camera in the back yard took him to a professional canine photographer to capture this precious puppy face.

Say cheese!!!

Rock out your Monday people.

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MOM said...

I think Michael Phelps could win the gold medal for the way he handled himself. He represented this country well. He was mature, respectful, and humble. The medals will be in a display case, but these characteristics will go with him forever.
His momma raised him well.