Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There's more to see

Still watching the Olympics? Phelps is done and the pool is closed, so now you can turn your attention to the beach, track and court. ESPN gives you a great overview on the must-sees for this final week. They even rate the events based on "Fan interest, on a scale of 1 to Phelps". Worth a read.

Some funny shots of Michael Phelps with his new pals. Since Kobe and LeBron rooted him on, it's only fair that he catch a basketball game....Eight gold medals was enough I.D. to get him in the locker room.

We watched the women's beach volleyball last night. We're playing for gold Wednesday night I believe. Those girls are good and it's been fun to watch. (And, continuing to support their fellow USA athletes, Kobe and LeBron were in the stands watching the v'ball game too.)

Speaking of volleyball, Jordan and Niece M. are both going through tryouts (last night and tonight) for their respective teams. Keeping our fingers crossed and wishing them lots of great spikes and digs.....And I must toot the horn of my football playing Nephew T. who earned a skull and crossbone on his football helmet last night during practice for a great hit. I'm proud of my peeps!

On my exercise front, I tackled some kick boxing this morning. I have been trying to do more of a stretching/Pilates workout on my Pushup days and more of a cardio workout on my non-Pushup days (which is today). I completed week 3 of the Pushup Challenge yesterday. Yes, I'm a few days off, but I had some sort of pulled muscle in my shoulder last Friday which was Week 3/Day 3, so I had to move it forward. Yesterday I did a total of 78 pushups. So now I have completed week 3. I'm debating whether to go forward with week 4, or repeat week 3. I managed to do all my pushups each day, but it was a bit tough. So I may give week 3 one more shot. In case you were wondering, 78 pushups is a lot of pushups....whew.

Perhaps one of my favorite Googles so far.....Have I told you how much I heart these things?

The Bloggie Doggie says have a ball today people.

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