Saturday, August 30, 2008

We love a good book

Made a little trip to the library this morning. I had to return my unfinished Harlan Coben. I had only read 10 pages and checked it out twice so it had to go back. I'll pick it up again. I grabbed a Dean Koontz that I've been looking for. I do like his newer stuff. His old (original I guess) stuff is too freaky for me.

The kids got some books too.

As we were leaving, Jordan said, "Mom, thanks for teaching us to read and teaching us to like to read." And she talked about when you read, you can always have friends, and go on adventures, and solve mysteries and how much she just enjoyed reading.

It made me feel really good.

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Anonymous said...

good for you

MOM said...

This took me back some years. I have a CD of classical music with loon sounds that I keep in my car. When the grandchildren were little - 3-5, I guess, and I would get them to spend the day with me, we would listen to it as we drove to my house. They would say, Nanny, I want to hear your "balloon" song. I would tell them to sit back and listen and write a story in their minds that went with the music. There would be sounds of water lapping the shore, which I called all is well and peaceful. Then there would be loud, strong music, which I would say might be thunder and lightning. There would be the sounds of the loons and I would tell them that the loons were calling all their family home. Then the music would get angry, which was the heighth of the storm, then it would it be soft, sweet music and I would say, the storm is over and they are all home and happy. They would "write" their own story. Sweet memories.