Monday, August 25, 2008

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

Well, the Olympics are over. Are you glad? I really will miss watching all of it, but maybe I'm glad to get back to 'normal'(i.e. reading my books and getting to be at a decent hour.). We watched part of the closing ceremonies, but then had to tivo the rest. The kids really love watching it. Cooper said that we absolutely needed one of these bikes:

Google wrapped it up with their own closing ceremonies. It's all the characters that were featured each day in the events. How cute.

The Bloggie Doggie would like you to get a good look at his clean, shiny, smell good, fluffy, dirt free self. Yes, he got a bath on Saturday. And yes, in this picture he's actually begging for a biscuit, but thought the light from the kitchen window reflected nicely off his shiny coat so he wanted to take advantage of the photo op.

And finally, in the When Will I Learn To Check The Pockets Department,


plus this.....

equals this....

And yes, the white shirt on the bottom is a uniform shirt. I really can't tell you what a mess all that was. The whole load of laundry looked like a Salute to the 101 Dalmatians... But don't worry people, it's actually coming out. After about 6 washings and a bottle of Shout. A little OxyClean should wrap this laundry emergency right up.

Grab an umbrella and hold on to your hat people. Fay is coming through today. Have a good one.

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

KookieKnows said...

Angie, Now that Noah is older I usually end up washing money which thankfully doesn't mess up the laundry but I always think should I give this back to him or keep it myself. Alas I give it back, but one day maybe I won't. :)

Have a great day.

Leah Ann

Jessica said...

I am sad as well that the Olympics are over, but I am also grateful to get to bed at a decent hour now!

Jessica said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you...The Woods, is a great book! Love me some Harlen Coben. Now you have time to actually read it!

angie said...

Leah Ann - I would keep the money as
a tip for diong the laundry. :)

Jessica - I FINALLY finished "Just One Look" by Harlan Coben - Loved it. Now to delve into "The Woods"