Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Sportin' his lovely pedi....
I think he rolled over right after I finished painting, that's why it's all smudgey. Boo.

Lovely shade of OPI Strawberry Margarita there Daddy.

OK, so maybe he really DOESN'T look at his toes....The Captain was up about 30 minutes before he noticed his lovely pink piggies. And he only did it then when he bent down to pet the Bloggie Doggie who was laying obediently at his feet. Surely when he took a shower or put on his socks later he would have noticed.

So here's to the Captain and the 37.5% of you non-toe-looker blogophiles!

I did tell the Captain that I thought we were out of polish remover. So he'll be a very pretty princess at work today. I'm certain the others at the police department will notice that extra spring in his step!

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Anonymous said...

I just hope I dont have a wreck and have to sport my toes at the hospital!

Anonymous said...

To, Anonymous "If" you go to the hospital, THEY WILL look at your feet - regularly, during every day. You just tell the nurses and doctors before they start looking, but be prepared for one of those looks - is this person for real of not---