Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Toes Knows

The Captain has experienced the agony of de-FEET. The very scientific poll conducted yesterday shows that 62.5% of you DO look at your toes at least once a day. I am wondering if the Captain will realize that he also looks at his toes more than he thinks he does. Because I just painted his toenails while he was sleeping.....I wanted to take a picture of him sleeping with his foot stuck out of the covers sporting 5 glorious pink piggies, but I was afraid that might wake him up. Stay tuned ...

My boyfriend just rocks. I heart Derek Jeter. "He's a true Yankee," manager Joe Girardi said. "I think he embodies what baseball people want to see in a player: a guy that goes about his business the right way. He stays out of the headlines. He just does a lot of great things. He's important to the community. He gives back all the time, to children, to everyone."

Today, the Bloggie Doggie just wants to say hello and hopes you all have a lovely day.
Hello. Have a lovely day.

Sometimes if I make a squeaky noise, he'll turn his head like this:
Squeak Squeak

Go get a pedicure today people. I promise SOMEONE will notice.

Peace. Out.

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

I know you heart know I don't!!!
I do, however, love Gaugey!! I bet he looks at his toes...