Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Great Toe Debate

Did you catch the game last night? Wow! Now that was what Monday Night Football is all about. The Captain is a Cowboy fan. I'm for anybody playing against the Cowboys. I *hate* the Cowboys. I love to hate the Cowboys. We were both trying to convince Cooper to root with us. Apparently my cheer spelling E-A-G-L-E won out over the Captains persuasive speech about the "beautiful big blue star" (gag) because Cooper was a Philly fan.

I do admit the Cowboys looked impressive last night (I can't believe I just wrote that). Owens is too arrogant for me, but amazing to watch. And my former Razorback Felix Jones is giving everybody some ol' pig sooey even though he looks hideous in those silver pants.

The door of an 11 year old girl....

The door of a 6 year old boy....

The Bloggie Doggie must learn to run faster and not let the kids catch him....Yes, he is wearing a shirt with a monkey on it.

I was whining about my ugly toe-nub last night. The Captain said to just not look at it. The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Me: Not look at it? How can I not look at it? Even if it wasn't a toe-nub I would look at it. Don't you look at your toes?

Captain: No, I can honestly say I don't look at my toes.

Me: Ever?

Captain: Well, when I clip them.

Me: Don't you wash your feet in the shower?

Captain (looking at his feet propped on the ottomon): Yes, but I don't LOOK at my toes.

Me (voice rising another octave higher, and propping *my* feet on the ottomon): Don't you check them out when you prop them up on the ottomon?

Captain (totally put out with me): No.

Me: People look at their toes. Even if they don't want to. Even if I didn't have a toe-nub, I would look at my toes during the day at some point. People look at their toes.

Captain (probably wishing he had never asked me out in the first place some 19 years ago): Ummmm, no.

Me: I'm not saying pulling my foot up to my face. I'm just saying looking at my toes. Looking down at my toes. Looking at my toes while I'm walking. Checking out my pedi. Just looking at my toes.

Captain: I go days without looking at my toes.

Me (in complete disbelief at his last statement): You can't NOT look at your toes. I bet 9 out of 10 people take a glance at their toes at some point during the day.

Captain (completely finished with this conversation and now very sarcastic): Well, why don't you just take a poll then?

Me: I think I will! I WILL take a poll.

So, beloved blogophiles, let us hear from you....

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

Um....no...sorry sis! Or maybe I do...I never really thought about it...now I will cuz I'm thinking about it...........

angie said...

Fine. Be that way. Then vote no to the toe. At least make my poll scientific.

No wait - DON'T VOTE!!! Then your nay saying won't show up on my poll. ha.

MOM said...

Like Connie, I guess I look at my toes, but not consciously. And to speak for your Dad - he apparently doesn't either. Remember when the nurses played a trick on him because of all the tricks he played on them and they painted his toenails while he was asleep(with some help from someone??). We were all eagerly waiting for him to wake up and see his response. He got up and never looked, so we had to show him. He laughed and said, well, you got me. So, I guess we all do "see" our toes daily, but don't realize it. Now, we really have to think about the role toes play in our daily living and be more respectful of them. OK more than you wanted to know, but you asked.So, now I am going to take off my shoes and look at my toes.

angie said...