Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debate Debaucle

Having some internet connection issues this morning at home. Apparently my modem, which is 11+ years old?, has bit the dust. So it's off to ol' Comcast today to swap it out. The lack of a computer this morning further demonstrated that I am completely addicted to very dependent on my email and the internet. I thought I was going to have a complete panic attack see the importance of being able to communicate with others and use the internet as a valued source of information.

Let's debate about the debate...Should we have it? Should we not? There's some poor event planner in Oxford who is about to throw himself in front of a bus. Isn't this the exact time we should hear from the candidates about how they will fix the economy? Does this make Obama look stupid for continuing to want to have the debate? Is McCain really serious or is this a brilliant calculated PR move for him? I've heard mixed opinions about McCain's balking. What do you think people?

In the meantime, want to learn more about the candidates? Here's some interesting information about the personal lifestyles of the candidates. This little slideshow has info on their homes, cars, hobbies and more. Worth a look. Thanks to my mom who sent me this little jewel.

The Bloggie Doggie thinks the whole presidential election and the impending collapse of the economy is a big puzzle and almost impossible to solve.
Hope you are all having a great day people!

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MOM said...

Only someone who has been an event planner would sympathize with the one at Ole Miss. Now, to the debate, my jury is still deliberating on that one. The debate was supposed to be about foreign policy. I can see why John McCain didn't think that was what was on the people's minds right now. But,on the other hand, that is important, and if we don't address that, we won't have to worry about the ecomony in the long run. So, maybe both of them have a legitimate case. It is like the picture of the old/pretty lady - which one do you see?