Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Heart of Rock 'N Roll

The Captain and I are going with some friends to see Huey Lewis tomorrow night at the Botanic Garden. I CAN'T WAIT!! Huey is my all-time favorite fave. This will mark the third time I've seen him in concert. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!

Then we started talking last night about all the concerts we have seen. I have seen my fair share, but part of it is due to working a few years in radio promotions. I had some great opportunities to see some awesome concerts. For no dinero.

So I started trying to put together a list of all the concerts I've been to. I'm sure this isn't the complete list, but it's as many as I can remember right now.

Aerosmith – oh dear - no words for this
Debbie Gibson – remember her?
The Jets – ugh - work required it
REM - fun time
Prince – in the round at the MidSouth Coliseum - front row seats
Neil Diamond - good show - just a few years ago at the Forum
Jackson Browne - at Mud Island
Barry Manilow - he writes the songs you know
Merle Haggard – only for the Captain
Hank Williams, Jr. - ditto
Gary Puckett - at Mud Island
Paul McCartney – at Liberty Bowl Stadium – totally awesome
Beach Boys – at least twice, maybe three times
Kinks – front row at the Auditorium North Hall – Ray Davies winked at me.
Katrina & The Waves - at the Pyramid's groundbreaking
Paul Carrack – outdoors at MIM BBQ Festival on the river
B52s – at Mud Island - fun
James Taylor – twice
Lionel Richie - used to really love him - I may have seen him twice
Pointer Sisters - I think they opened for Lionel Richie
The Monkees - I drove Davy Jones in the radio station van to his hotel.
Bob Seger – at the MidSouth Coliseum – I think it was the last concert there
Miley Cyrus & the Jonas Brothers – that was my last concert – November 2007
3 Dog Night – at Mud Island
Van Morrison – outdoors at some festival on the river

Anyhoo, that's my walk down musical memory lane.

I'm going to listen to some more Huey.

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angie said...

Well, there ya' go -- if you want info on Van Morrison.....