Friday, September 26, 2008

Good things - even without the internet

Oh people people people!!! There is something major going on with my computer at home. The new modem and four calls to Comcast could not fix the problemo. So I am STILL without email and internet at home. It's bad people. I hope hope HOPE to get this fixed today. If not, it's a long weekend for me.

Last night was the Leukemia Society's Light the Night Walk. We didn't make a big deal about forming a team or soliciting money this year -- for several reasons. Happy to say that we raised $170 for the society without even asking for donations. Nice that people still remember my dad and still have an awareness for the Leukemia Society. It was nice to see some of my Team in Training friends. I found out they read the Me and My Good Life blog! (Hello D. and T.!) Participants at The Light the Night walk carry illuminated balloons. The kids decided we would carry light sticks (a special tradition of my dad's). There was a little remembrance service prior to the walk and they mentioned Daddy's name in the list of those who were being remembered that night. Am very proud that in two years time, we have raised over $11,000 for the Leukemia Society. Isn't that awesome?!? Daddy would be floored about that. I met a lady whose little daughter was diagnosed in early August with leukemia, but found out yesterday (right before the walk -- how neat is that?! ) that she was in remission. I chatted with some survivors (They are distinguished by their white balloons) and with some families I remember meeting last year. I am trying to teach my kids the importance of being an advocate for the Leukemia Society. Even though this year we didn't have a big team or make a big splash or raise a lot of money, we continue to support the society and create awareness. Which leads to financial support. Which leads to funded research. Which leads to a cure. I want them to know that one day there will be a cure for blood cancers. And they will have had a part in it. It was a special night. Emotions ran the gamut, but I am so glad we did it.

Since my computer is not cooperating, I can't upload a picture of the Bloggie Doggie. I thoug
ht I would share a little sketch of him for you. Do you think I'm talented??
Tonight is Huey Lewis and I'm stoked! Do You Believe in Love people?!?

Have a great Friday!!

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