Friday, September 26, 2008

He's trying to get me in trouble

I got an email from the Inspector yesterday. I got scared. I was afraid he was trying to stir up the whole Great Toe Debate again and get me in even bigger trouble.

Inspector: Do you still think I have a bigger mouth than you?

Me (typing as fast as I can, thinking "Get thee behind me Satan"): The Captain said I'm not allowed to talk to you anymore.

Inspector (I could feel myself being set up here): Yes you can. It's all in fun.

Me: So you say. I'm still trying to work myself out of the doghouse.

Inspector: You are not in the doghouse according to the Captain. Sorry I stirred the pot, but it was one of those things I couldn't let go.

Me: You did stir the pot. AND you threw me under the bus.

Me (on second thought): But it was hilarious. It was one of my finest hours!

Inspector: Just what the Inspector thought.

I did find out last night after talking further with the Captain, that the Inspector is now a *HUGE* fan of the MAMGL blog. (Hello Inspector!) He digs all my fall decor (especially those acorns) and is also a huge Derek Jeter fan!!! Who would have known.

Those boys...I heart them.

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connie said...

Joey Dorsey could totally pound Jeter into dust....I'm just saying!! hahaha!!!

angie said...

"Your post is ABOUT to be removed by the blog administrator."

connie said...