Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How nice

I found the neatest website today. It's called Operation NICE.

Here's the scoop...

"What we all need is a little NICE.

Operation NICE is an encouragement to spread a little NICE to others. Stop by to read some positive upbeat news stories (yes, they exist) about nice people. Download some tools to help you in your quest to communicate the concept of niceness. Share a story or two about how someone made your day."

She has various stories and 'nice assignments' and even some 'nice cards' and posters (pictured above) you can print out and share.

Good for her. Just changing the world one nice deed at a time. Because wouldn't it just be a much better place to live if people were just nice to each other? Nice to each other. Don't we tell our kids to 'be nice' and 'play nice' and we tell them "that's not nice." But then as adults we aren't always nice, and we don't always play nice. But it's more than just being nice. It's just doing NICE THINGS. Expecting nothing in return. Ahhhhh.....therein lies the rub. Doing something nice even if nobody sees you do it or if nobody knows that you did it. Just being be nice. Isn't that what it's supposed to be about?

I hope you will check out her site. I've already printed some posters and some cards.

Be nice people.

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