Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If only it were this simple...

During dinner tonight (the Captain was at work and Jordan was at volleyball practice), Cooper and I had a nice little discussion about the upcoming election.

What are the names of the people running for president?
He couldn't come up with their names on his own, but picked both Obama and McCain's last names from a list of choices. He came up with McCain's first name on his own. And thought Obama's first name was O. Then Rock. Rock O. Bama. He knew McCain was "light skin" and he knew Obama was "light dark skin".

Why would you vote for McCain?
McCain is cool. He can run fast which is important since he will be fighting in the wars. He is awesome.

How about Obama?
Obama is handsome and polite.

What about the people running with them for vice president?
McCain's running mate is a girl. Her first name is Charlotte.

Obama doesn't have a running mate. Then he thought about it and said her name was Michelle.

What does the president do?
Sit in the White House and read the paper. They drink coffee. They ride in the helicopter. They have puppies to play with. They run in a chariot with a horse.

What does the vice president do?
Runs the Mothers Club at the schools. Gets the president coffee. Feeds the president's puppies. Takes care of the country while the president is riding in the chariot.

What does the president's wife do?
Gets juice for the president. Kisses him. Gets the mail for the White House.

What kind of decisions does the president have to make?
Who is going to drive the helicopter.

What kind of person should a president be?
Smart, nice, and careful (since they are in a war)

What should Obama do if he doesn't become president?
Work in a gold mine.

What about McCain?
He should be president anyway.

What is your message for the people out there?
People. Look on Mom's blog and prepare to be amazed with your eyes. Pick John MCain. Or I will toot on you.

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