Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Papers and Maters

The Bloggie Doggie doesn't know many tricks. He's very good at just being very cute. See?

But we're trying to teach him to bring us the paper. He hasn't quite perfected the entire task yet. He will get the paper and bring it to the door, but then won't really give it up once he gets inside. Needs more work. But here's a lovely shot of part one of the trick....

I received an email from a reader of the Me and My Good Life blog asking about my 'tomato crop' and offering her help to come over and help can tomatoes....Well, thanks for the fan mail and for checking on the "Great Tomato Project" . Unfortunately there is no salsa in my future. My tomatoes. *Sigh* They just never amounted to anything. I had several blooms and even those evolved into little teeny tomatoes, but then nothing happened. I'm wondering if that excessive heat just did them in. Since the plants were exposed in that stupid Topsy Turvy thing, I'm sure the sun just sucked up every bit of water that I was putting in there. Or maybe I'm just not cut out to be a gardener. I'll get out there and take a picture of that poor project once the sun comes up so you can see it in all it's miserable glory. In the meantime, keep those cards and letters and comments coming!

It's already Hump Day people. Even if it only feels like Tuesday. Have a good one. Peace. Out.

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MOM said...

I think the Bloggie Doggie just wants to read the paper first. When I was there one day, he brought me the book he was currently reading???? Apparently he learned to read really quick.
Now he can join my other very intelligent grands.

angie said...

I think you mean EATING not READING!! ha ha

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your tomatoes. Guess I cannot depend on your source for Salsa. AND ours are being eaten up by the tomato worms - even after dusting them.
Guess it would not work to plant your tomatoes in the ground or even in pots - cause if Bloggie Doggie eats the morning paper - he would certainly eat tomatoes.
Better luck next time.