Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Starting the Work Week

Hope you all had a nice day off yesterday. We had a fun and relaxing day. Played some Sorry and Wii yesterday morning and then headed to my MIL's for a family party with some swimming and BBQ. Cooper learned how to turn a flip in the pool, and Jordan learned how to do a flip turn off the side while swimming. Big day in the water for the peeps. I learned there are a few little sneaky places that you easily miss with the sunscreen that will get burned pretty quickly. Ouchie.

Back to it in force today. Our week is a little nutty in the Extracurricular Activities Department. Jordan has volleyball practice tonight and games Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Cooper has soccer practice Thursday and a game Saturday. And, we've got church on Wednesday, a church dinner on Saturday night, and we're teaching children's Bible Hour on Sunday night. That doesn't leave a whole lot of time for homework and rest. But we will make it happen. Fortunately, at least this week, none of the kids practices or games overlap. They are at different locations (of course), but we are able to make it to all of them without conflict. At least this week....

Looks like Gustav continues to churn away. We should see some rain from that before long I guess. Hanna became a hurricane yesterday, the tropical depression turned into Tropical Storm Ike, and the high risk area evolved into Tropical Depression Ten. Lots of activity. Man, I love this weather stuff....

The Bloggie Doggie has worked up an appetite trying to keeping up with all these weather conditions.

Conversation between my kids:

Jordan: I was six once too.
Cooper: You were?!?
Jordan: Yep.
Cooper: REALLY!?!?
Jordan: Um, yes.
Cooper: That is SO cool.

I heart those guys.

Make your Tuesday (that really feels like a Monday) a super day people.

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