Monday, September 1, 2008

Stuck in the Sorry middle

Just finished a rousing game of Sorry. (Yes, at 9:00 am, we had FINISHED a board game. Yes, both kids were up early today. Why on earth do they do that? Tomorrow morning it will be impossible for me to get them up for school. Saturday they both got up at 6:15. SIX. FIFTEEN. Today was about 6:30 for one and 7:30 for the other. Guess they wanted an early start to their day off.)

Anyhoo, Cooper drew a "trade places with an opponent " card. Let the games begin!

Cooper started to trade places with the Captain's piece. But then the Captain began negotations with the poor kid to switch with my piece.

"No really, Cooper, if you trade with MOMMY, then it will be better for BOTH of you."

"But Cooper if you switch with DADDY, then he's farther from home and it will be WORSE for him."

"THIS puts you closer to home!!"

"Remember, DADDY sent you back to start a minute ago!! Sweet revenge Cooper!!!"

"But this is a win-win for you AND mommy!"



When it was all said and done, and negotiations were complete, and cases were made, Cooper traded with......the Captain! YES!!!


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