Thursday, October 23, 2008

Down to a dozen

Good Morning People! Looks like a cold rainy day today. Guess soccer practice will be scrapped for this afternoon....

World Series Game 1: Phillies 3 -- Rays 2 Cole Hamels just did what he does and got it done for the Phillies. And looked good doing it.

I voted yesterday after work. The line looked long, but it moved very quickly. I think I was only in line for 20 minutes. Not bad. Especially considering it was right after work. I used to only vote on election day. I felt like it was just the right thing to do. But now, my life is busier and my time is not as flexible, so I take advantage of early voting. Apparently there is a good turn out for early voting. I read an article in the Commercial Appeal on Tuesday about this:

The early-voting numbers coming out of Shelby County suggest a record turnout for the Nov. 4 federal, state and local elections, with an unprecedented turnout of black voters driving potential record numbers.

Among all demographic groups, early and absentee voting is moving beyond historic patterns, with 76,154 votes cast through Monday. That averages out to 16,575 per weekday -- only 9,847 voted Saturday -- and if those trends continue, about 220,000 of Shelby County's 647,923 registered voters will participate in early voting, or 34 percent of all registered voters.

Estimates based on past elections assume that early and absentee ballots will account for 40 to 50 percent of final voting turnout, which means Shelby County could be looking at 440,000 to 460,000 votes and final turnout at about 70 percent. That would be close to the 73 percent turnout seen in the 1992 presidential election

So, how about you? Do you plan to vote early?

The Bloggie Doggie thinks it's just too early to do anything!

We only have twelve days until the election. Can you believe that?


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