Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Everything you wanted to know about the Rays & the Phillies but were afraid to ask

In order to make your World Series experience a more enjoyable and informed one, those crack researchers in the MAMGL Research Department have been hard at work. They have really outdone themselves and wanted to share some interesting facts about the series, its teams, and its players.

Jamie Moyer
- He is a pitcher for the Phillies. He is currently the oldest active player in the major leagues. (He will be 46 on November 18.) His wife is the daughter of Digger Phelps. (No kidding.) They have seven children. He is expected to pitch in Game 3.

The Devil is in the details - Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays used to be called the Tampa Bay Devil Rays up until this season. They dropped the "Devil" and are now just the Tampa Bay Rays. So let's recap....Since their inception in 1998, they were called the Devil Rays and they have finished in LAST PLACE every year except two (2004 and this year) Last year, they removed the Devil from their name. And now are headed to the World Series. Heavenly coincidence?

This is the Rays first trip to the World Series. That leaves only three other teams who have never been to the World Series. Know who they are? (Anne, do know this?!) The Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals and Seattle Mariners.

Evan Longoria - He is the third baseman for the Rays. He is NOT related to Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives. They have never met.
Ryan Howard and Chase Utley
- Two powerful bats from the Phillies. Keep an eye on them.

If Game 6 is necessary, it will be delayed 15 minutes so a paid advertisement for Barrack Obama can air on FOX, CBS & NBC.

Cowbells vs. Rally Towels - Each team's fans have their own way of rooting for their team. When the Rays play at home, the Phillies will have the nuisance of thousands of cowbells. (But the fans don't just go willy-nilly with the cowbells. They have cowbell protocols and only ring them at certain times -- like when the opposing team's batter has two strikes). And yes, the Rays owner was inspired by the famous Saturday Night Life sketch featuring Will Ferrell. In turn, Phillie fans wave tons of rally towels. Here is an entire article about these fan favorites.

The Tampa Bay Rays have the 2nd lowest payroll in Major League Baseball, coming in at $43 million. For point of reference, the Yankees (my boyfriend's team) have the highest at $209 million. (The Florida Marlins have the lowest with $21 million.)

Look out for the catwalks - Tropicana Field, homefield of the Rays, has catwalks around the inside of their dome. These could come into play if they are hit by a ball. More about that here including the MLB ground rules. It's quite interesting. Keep an eye on those.

Since the American League won the All-Star Game this year, Tampa Bay gets the extra home game and will host Game 7 if necessary.

Cole Hamels - Is a pitcher for the Phillies. Is scheduled to pitch tonight in Game 1. Is probably one of the best lefthanders in the National League. Is just hot.


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