Friday, October 31, 2008

It's not my dog!!!

When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for it to get dark enough on Halloween so we could go trick or treating. After dinner, my mom would clean up the kitchen and answer the door at home and my dad would take me and my sister trick or treating. Those were the days people when we would go for HOURS and return with the mother lode of sweets. (I was thinking today about the costumes we used to wear when we were little. Remember the thin plastic masks with the matching nylon dress thing?) Good times.

However, my favorite Halloween memory is the year that this little dog started following us around while we were trick or treating. We had gone into a totally different neighborhood so we didn't know who he belonged to or where he lived. OK, no problem. He can come along for the ride. He just trippy trotted along as we went from house to house. Until we got to one house, and when the owner answered the door, that dog ran into the house! And for some nutty reason, I chased him. I can vividly remember running through their dining room and into the kitchen chasing this dog. And the woman was standing at the sink washing dishes and the dog tears through the kitchen. And she's screaming, "What is that?!" And the man was screaming, "Get your dog!" And I'm screaming, "It's not my dog!"

And I know as you read this that isn't nearly as funny as I think it is. But people it really was so funny. And right now I'm laughing so hard I have tears running down my face.

Best Halloween memory for me. Hands down.

What about you? What's your best Halloween memory?

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MOM said...

And when Dad brought you home, he and Ed Simmons would take over, hand out the candy and "spook" the spooks. Not sure but what they had as much fun as you and Connie had already had.