Monday, October 27, 2008

Kickin' off a chilly week

Monday Morning Quarterback....
Arkansas lost. To Houston Nutt's Ole Miss. It was a pay-per-view game on Saturday, but they reran it yesterday afternoon and the Captain and I watched it. Arkansas made a huge rally at the very end. It was looking like the Hogs were going to pull it off. The Captain and I felt so sorry for the fans who - at that time - really thought they had a chance to win. They were so excited. I kept saying "People! I know how this ends. You're not going to win!!!"

took a beating from Alabama. The Crimson Tide continues to roll. Keep an eye on them. Wondering about Fulmer's future. He faces South Carolina this weekend. Fear The Visor.

Texas. Outstanding. They're just good.

A win for the Memphis Tigers too - hooray!

World Series. Not looking too good right now for the Rays.
Game 3: Rays 4 -- Phillies 5
Game 4: Rays 2 -- Phillies 10

Do or die tonight for the Rays. They face Cutie Cole Hamels again tonight. Could be the end of the line for Tampa Bay.

We enjoyed the pretty weekend and spent a lot of time outside. Nice also, to have the windows open for some fresh air. The Bloggie Doggie loves looking out the window.

I'm excited that tonight we have no soccer practice, no soccer game, no volleyball practice, no volleyball game....We can watch Game 5 of the World Series. And a great match up on Monday Night Football between the undefeated Tennessee Titans and Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts. Good sports tonight.

It's in the 40's this morning. Quite chilly. Grab a jacket and have a great Monday people!

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