Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Twilight Tuesday

Two little shots of the Bloggie Doggie posing with his favorite toy. He *loves* this frisbee. When he's inside, he stands at the door and whines to go out and play with the frisbee. When he's outside, he will stand at the door and whine for you to come out and play with him and the frisbee. He will bring it back to you as long as you throw it for him. Look how happy he is.

I finished reading the 2nd book of the Twilight series on Sunday. It is a vampire book series which is quite the rage among young teens. The writer, Stephenie Meyer, also has one book geared more for adults. A friend of mine, and also the Captain's sister, are hooked on the whole vampire story thing. I read the first one fully intending on NOT reading the second one, but I must admit, I got a little hooked and had to see what was going to happen next. They are both pretty good sized books - over 500 pages each. I can't believe I've read two of them in two weeks (with one of those weeks being spent in Disney). They were both a good little read, but I'm not sure I'll press on with the final two. The first book, Twilight, will also be a movie which comes out in November. What about you people? Have you read them? Do you love Edward?

Make today a good one people! Peace out!!

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