Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday. I know we did. The day was perfect. We had a house full of people and really just enjoyed being together (and, of course eating!)

We had so much yummy food. And boy did we eat it up! There really isn't anything left except a small baggie of turkey and ham, a little container of green bean casserole, the extra dish of my mom's dressing, and some cranberry fruit jello. It was all delicious. YUMMERS!

What are you doing today? Are you hitting the sales at the malls?

I have no desire at all to go shopping today. Lucky for me, there is no super deal that coincides with any must-have on my shopping list.

The worst possible thing to happen today would be for me to run out of detergent or toilet paper and have to go to the store for a non-holiday-shopping-list related item. Today would actually be a great day to do grocery shopping! Who's gonna' be at Kroger the day after Thanksgiving?

Anyhoo, I read that today is not really the busiest shopping day of the year (it's actually somewhere between the 5th & 10th busiest day). The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the two busiest shopping days. But nine of the top ten busiest days are in December. That's your shopping trivia for the day...

I am happy today just being home - again! I plan to pack up the pumpkins and pilgrims and haul out the holly and the Ho Ho. Plus, there is some great college football on today. Including Arkansas who will probably get trounced by LSU.

PJ's and a coffee pot for me. Yep, that's my plan. Maybe I'll take advantage of some online shopping deals. But I see no mall in my future today.

What about you? Hitting the malls today?

Have a great Friday people! Regardless of where you are!

6 Wanna' ramble too?:

connie said...

I think I am taking a bunch of 13 year olds to see Twilight...again....that will be croweded too... =(

MOM said...

I just have to do this, Connie. Can't believe we spent those thousands of dollars for private school and collage and here is this word -- croweded----Morgan, here is your laugh.

MOM said...

if you caught that you passed the spelling test today.

angie128 said...


"Good grief!"

MOM said...

I knew that and that is what I said - just did it to see if all passed the spelling test. Then money spent was worth it. Poor Morgan. she started this when she rode to the game on a rode trip.


I guess this is a bit confusing for those who don't know the inside joke of "Good grief"

By the way, good grief is doing fine today and says she had a good time yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief!!!
We ALL had a GOOD time and enjoyed every bite and as Wayne would have said "and I had several bites"!!
Sure do miss that fellow.