Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cool your jingle jets people

I love all things Christmas. I love decorating my house for Christmas. And I can't wait to get started. BUT, I won't do this until the day after Thanksgiving. I've noticed many houses already have their trees and outdoor decorations up. And we all know that the stores have had their Christmas items displayed since early September. Remember?

But what about Thanksgiving and fall? It almost gets the shaft. And poor Halloween. I went to the Hobby Lobby the week before Halloween, and they had already consolidated their stuff into one small shelf and had slashed it 75% off. Poor Halloween. It never had a chance. I ran in there last night and all the fall decorations are already 80% off. And they were already playing Christmas music in the store.

I still enjoy the fall season. And I like still being able to have my pumpkins and pilgrims out in my house. For at least one more week....

What about you?

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