Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kid stuff

Sesame Street made its debut on PBS 39 years ago this week. It is the longest running children's program on American television. I used to watch Sesame Street. Did you?

We watched the old standbys....Sesame Street, Mister Rogers, Zoom, The Electric Company (Remember that one? Morgan Freeman's early years.)

When we got a little older we watched Laverne & Shirley and Happy Days. And of course Charlie's Angels (because I *was* a Charlie's angel) and Little House on the Prairie.

On Saturdays we would watch Land of the Lost (Did anybody else watch that one?) Marshall, Will, and Holly...On a routine expedition....

I've tried to explain to my kids that when I was growing up, there was no Disney Channel where you can get your fill of Hannah Montana and Suite Life 24-7. The kid shows only came on certain times during the day. Cartoons ONLY on Saturday mornings. "Oh, so you just watched your DVDs the rest of the time?".....

What about you? What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

Listen to The Weather Guy. He says rain today. Grab an umbrella people and make it a good one anyway. Peace out.

2 Wanna' ramble too?:

Connie said...

I pretty much watched the same shows you did....hahahahahahaha!!!

mandy said...


Dukes of Hazard
Tom and Jerry
Three's Company (yes, as a KID)
Guiding Light (the soap opera - my grandparents watched it - and they babysat me - disturbing, I know)