Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

I have a small sadness hangover morning after my Lions very close loss yesterday. What a fun day it was. And really a very good, well played football game. But we lost. By two points. It's hard to lose. I'm not going to blame the loss on poor officiating, because I think that is a sore loser, sour grapes approach. But there were some calls that really didn't go our way and some situations that may have given the game a different outcome. I wondered on the way home if it's easier to lose a game by just a few points or to be completely wiped out. I think I would rather do it the way we did it. And also for it to just fizzle a bit in the last few minutes rather than miss a big play with a few ticks on the clock. That hurts very bad. Memphis Tigers. But anyway, it was a really good day. And just three points shy of being a really perfect day.

So that brings us to today, Thanksgiving Eve. I have quite a bit to do today. But I have the whole day to do my chores. And am really just looking forward to all of us being home together today. Even if it does involve cooking and cleaning.

I thought I would share some useless Thanksgiving trivia with you. Just in case you need some conversation pieces at your dinner table tomorrow.....You can thank me later.

Did you know....

....Benjamin Franklin thought the turkey should be our national bird. He felt it was more respectable and a native of North America.

....male turkeys are called "toms", female turkeys are called "hens", and baby turkeys are called "poults".

....a spooked turkey can run 20 miles an hour.

....a turkey can drown if he looks up while it is raining.

....the Pilgrims had potatoes available to them for Thanksgiving, but didn't eat them because they thought they were poisonous.

....the long, floppy skin thing that hangs down from the turkey's neck is called a "wattle".

Have a good day today people, whatever you may be doing!

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connie said...

can't do "woulda, shoulda, coulda's" or "if only's" in football (or any other sport for that matter)...just makes you miserable...HOWEVER it WAS a touchdown (not called) and it WAS pass interference (also, not called) *sigh*!!!

angie128 said...

And we are STILL owed about 20 seconds on the clock...And....