Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who ya' rootin' for?

It's Saturday people and that only means one thing...ok, besides laundry....FOOTBALL!

How I do love football, especially college football. Now, I'm a little biased and I think the SEC is the *best* conference and features the most exciting games and rivalries. But again, that's just me...I'll watch just about any college football game.

I watch some NFL games too and enjoy those. But it's just not quite the same as a good ol' college football game. I ust think the passion in college sports is so different.

We enjoy watching all sports here at the casa. Well, except hockey and golf. Can't really get into those.

Do you have any favorite teams?

I'll go first....

College Football: Arkansas. Well, any team in SEC *except* Florida

College Basketball: All things Memphis TIGERS!!

NFL: Anybody except the Cowboys. I love to hate the Cowboys. The Captain likes the Cowboys. And my friend the weather-guy loves the Cowboys. Love to pick on those boys about their 'Boys.

MLB: Yankees and Cardinals

What about you? Who do you root for? What team do you love to hate?

The Bloggie Doggie loves to play football. He plays wide retrieiver. Get it? Retriever????

Rock out your Saturday people and root root root for your home team!!!

3 Wanna' ramble too?:

JORDAN said...

ARKANSAS???? r they even playing today???

angie128 said...

Got The Visor.

N.B. said...

Loving the Tennessee Titans. Undefeated baby!