Friday, November 7, 2008

Ode to the Kodak SureShot

Good - The kids borrowed my camera on Tuesday afternoon to take some pictures outside.

Good - They carefully put the camera down after they took pictures so they could play before dinner.

Bad - They left my camera on the trunk of my car.

Bad - They forgot about the camera.

Bad - I forgot about the camera (I was dealing with puking dog which is another blog post all together.)

Bad - I drove to work Wednesday morning.

Bad - I had still forgotten about the camera.

Bad - Apparently the camera fell off my car.

Good - Puking dog much better Thursday morning.

Good - Could now take picture of Bloggie Doggie for blog.

Bad - Couldn't find the camera.

Good - Kids remembered where they had left it.

Bad - See above comment about driving to work.

Bad - Kids upset about the camera.

Good - Had idea to drive down the street and maybe I would find it.

Bad - I didn't.

Good - I had already downloaded most of the pictures. So there were only a few pix of the Bloggie Doggie and whatever the kids had taken that afternoon.

Good - A teenage girl who lives a few blocks over found the camera when she was walking her dog.

Bad - It wouldn't work because it looked like it had been run over by a school bus.

Good - She took the memory card and put it in her camera.

Good - She recognized the Bloggie Doggie so she knew who the camera belonged to.

Good - She returned the camera this afternoon.

Bad - See above comment referencing the bus.

Bad - Condition of camera.

Good - Condition of memory stick and battery.

Good - Camera wasn't very expensive anyway.

Good - Lesson on responsiblity and respect learned.

Good - Forgiveness given.

Bad - No current Bloggie Doggie pictures for the blog.

Good - Will feature "The Bloggie Doggie's Greatest Hits" until I get a new camera.

Let's give a cheer for Friday people!!

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connie said...

very sweet of the girl...glad she recognized bloggie doggie and that memory stick was intact...that is good!

angie128 said...

Yeah, nice that a teen went out of her way to figure it out. Her dog barks at the Bloggie Doggie when he comes by so that's how she knew him.

tom said...

Tom from Kodak here. Sounds like your camera had quite an adventure. We pride ourselves on quality but running them over by school buses isn't in our testing regimen ;-) Glad the dog is doing better than the camera! -tom

angie128 said...

Wow! Tom from Kodak. Checking out my blog and my kodak sureshot. My little red sureshot lived a full and good life. I really hearted that red fellow. He served me well. Will probably get one just like it. Red, of course.