Friday, December 19, 2008

Can your true love afford this?

For 24 years, PNC Wealth Management has calculated the cost of the items in "Twelve Days of Christmas" if purchased at current prices.

If your true love purchased one set of each of the gifts in the song, it would run him (or her) $21,08.10.

The cumulative cost of these gifts with the repetitions in the song is $86,608.51.

It's an interesting little site and breaks down how much each item would be, including some prices from prior years.

They point out some interesting things that have changed since they started this holiday tradition back in 1986.

The internet. Sure, it's convenient to order your turtle doves and your french hens online, but convenience comes at a price, mainly due to the shipping costs. If your sweetie purchased all your gifts online, it would cost $31,956.62 ($131,150.76 for the "entire song set").

The swans are the most "volatile" part of the index with wild swings up and down over the years.

The cost of entertainment has greatly increased. The ladies dancing and the lords-a-leaping have seen an increase of over 300%.

Here's hoping your true love can spring for a calling bird. If I had eight maids, I sure hope they would be doing something other than "a-milking"!

Actually I'm not getting any of this for Christmas. I got three painters painting remember? And Me and Captain True Love (sounds like a super hero doesn't it? Captain True Love!) decided we would get a new TV for Christmas. He got it yesterday and surprised me when I got home. Wanna' see it?

Looky there! Take a closer look! It's Jerry sittin' up there on the new TV...
Today is the kids' last day of school and my last day of work! It's gonna' be a five golden rings kind of day people!

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