Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Tweets

My holiday week at Twitter!

Not a creature was stirring....not even the Captain, two kids or the dog.

I must get everything wrapped up today. Literally. Wrapped up. With paper, tissue, tape, the whole shebang.

Have you ever hidden Christmas gifts in a super great hiding place and then forgotten where you put them? Me neither.

An "I Love Lucy" marathon on TV Land???!!! Pure bliss!!!

Thank goodness I doublechecked my top secret, rarely used gift hiding place. Found more presents in there. Thought I was done wrapping.

Daughter and the Captain have gone on a holiday shopping errand to Target. I'm scared for them. They may never make it out.

Heading to my mom's for present night! One of my favorite nights of togetherness.

It does absolutely no good to put in my Sonicare in the charger overnight if the charger isn't even plugged in.

Wondering if it would be ok if I wore my slippers to church. The rest of me is totally put together. But these slippers sure are toasty.

Daughter: "Why do you treat Gauge like a dog?!" Ummm, because he IS a dog!

Cannot keep six year old out from under the tree. He is beyond excited.

Oh great. I wrote something in code on my shopping list in case the kids found it. Now I can't remember what it stands for.

Cooking, cooking, cooking.

Are you telling me this time 48 hours ago, it was 12 degrees. And right now it's 68 degrees? This Memphis weather is completely nuts.

The Captain is giving the dog a Christmas Eve bath. In the tub. Neither one of them are enjoying it. Quite an ordeal

Brakes just went out in my car. Firemen just left. Waiting on tow truck. How exciting! A little scary earlier tho. Yes i was driving at the time

Burning brakes stink

Home now safe and sound. Emergency over. Plenty of excitement for me tonight. Now making reindeer food and baking some cookies for Santa.

Reindeer food. Check. Cookies for Santa. Check. Stockings hung. Check. Kids asleep. Not so much.

The Captain and I gave each other the same thing...a Garmin and a Tom Tom. How funny! Not a single excuse for either of us to get lost.

7am...not a creature was stirring...Guess I'll cook while I wait for the sleepyheads

Batteries. Batteries. Batteries. I think they end up costing more than the toys.

Dear Mother-in-Law: Thanks for the Christmas money. It'll buy me some new brakes.

Is anybody else's house just a total disaster today or just mine?

Must remember to take pictures of how I had things arranged on shelves and mantle before I put up the Christmas decorations.

Anybody else think today feels like Saturday?

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