Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ready, set, shop!

So are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Have you at least started? Before I had two kids and my life turned crazy Several years ago, I used to have all my gifts purchased by Halloween and wrapped by Thanksgiving. Then, when I put the tree up over Thanksgiving weekend, all the lovely gifts were ready to go under it. As you can see, I can't make that happen anymore choose not to put gifts under my tree until closer to Christmas. Yes, that is an army man truck parked under my tree. Is apparently a good place for covert military surveillance.

Time is ticking away so you'd better start making your list and hitting the stores. Or the internet.

I do quite a bit of my holiday shopping online. It is just much easier and saves so much time (and gas) and it can be done 24-7! What's not to love about surfing the internet for gifts? Especially those free shipping offers. I heart free shipping.

I shop in the stores too. I'm not a big mall shopper though. There are a few stores that I can hit and knock quite a few items off my list.

What about you?

Well, there's Jerry! Up on the grandfather clock!

Make your list and check it twice people! There are only 23 shopping days left!

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Connie said...

I'm all about the online shopping...the mall makes me hyperventilate. All these free shipping offers from my favorite online retailers are making me dizzy!! Trying to decide my best bargains...if they say "Only 2 days left!" and I don't have my list gelled up for that store, do I risk it? will they offer it again? Oh dear...!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious. Alyson and I have our Christmas tree up but no ornaments or anything yet. I think we will buy some when we buy our Christmas presents online. :)

Glad we are twit friend!

angie128 said...

You can always wait until after Christmas and buy all your ornaments half-off.

Then you can say "Remember our first Christmas tree? It had no ornaments! Memories...."


MOM said...

Sometimes the best memories are made when you do something off the wall - like the time we giggled and decided to go to Taco Bell for our anniversary dinner. How many other anniversaries did we remember where we went or what we ate. Never forgot that one.