Thursday, December 11, 2008

The stockings were hung....

These are our beautiful stockings. My mom made these stockings.

These stockings are really just for pretties. These are not the stockings that Santa fills on Christmas Eve because they are not sturdy enough. And heaven knows, they are not big enough!

We had stockings like this when we were growing up. Mom made those too. Then when Connie and I each married, Mom made nine stockings. We each got to pick our "husband and wife" stockings. Then, as each child was born into our families, we would pick a stocking from the cache for them. And Mom would embroider their name on it. First Niece M, then Nephew T, then Jordan, then Cooper. And yes, if you are keeping track, that leaves one stocking remaining. At the time of all her sewing, she didn't know how many grands would be in her future, so she made five total. I'm not sure where that extra stocking is. But I can promise you one thing - it won't ever be hanging on my mantle.

Take a closer look...

These pictures really don't do them justice. Look at the detail...The sequins and the beads....Must have taken her forever to do this.

Mom didn't make the Bloggie Doggie's stocking, but he hangs it by the chimney with care hopes for a Milk Bone.

And I had to blog about the stockings and mantle today because...look who is perched up there!

Two weeks from today is Christmas people! Can you believe it?!?

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connie said...

I love my stocking too, except you really need to pull them down if you have a fire in the fireplace...sequins melt a bit...ha!

MOM said...

Thanks for the publicity, but I don't hire out. It was a labor of love for those I love the most.