Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tweetie Tweet Tweet

Just in case you don't follow me on Twitter, here's the week in review.

Kinda glad I opted out of the half marathon this morning. It's a chilly 30 degrees.

Chores chores chores

Errands errands errands

Taxi service

70 lb dog + bathtub = clean dog + wet owner

Me: "When I die, bury me with my to-do list." Captain: "But if it's buried with you, then nothing will get done. Me: "Hahahahahaha"

Outside lights in bushes. Done. Man it's cold out there.

Oh no - son just cheered for Cowboys' touchdown. The Captain has brainwashed my poor innocent precious little son.

Can I send him to his room for rooting for the Cowboys?

Dear Monday: I'm sorry nobody likes you. But you just show up at the most inopportune times and ruin all our fun.

Son to daughter "Share, or I'll hit you."

I refuse to be swallowed whole by my holiday to-do list.

Me: "Her children rise and call her blessed". Daughter: "You want us to call you Blessed? Cooper! Mom wants us to call her Blessed."

Cooper: "Hey Blessed - can you make me a milkshake?"

Rain + wind + no umbrella + poor parking place = less than beautiful hair

OK I know you're sick of the rain tweets. But it's still raining. I'm seriously thinking about growing some rice in my back yard.

Maybe I'll just search for some gopher wood and start collecting the animals

I know sometimes I grumble about having to go there...but today I am very, VERY thankful for my job

Did you just feel the earth shake? I wrapped a Christmas present. One down. 8347 to go

Just knocked a *ton* of things off my holiday to-do list. Fa La La La La Rah Rah!

Son singing in back seat "jack frost picking at your nose"

Son wants to be a dog so "people will pet me and play ball with me and i can even pee in the yard"

Someone I don't even really know (only slightly bloggishly) is praying for me by name today. Now *that* is a nice feeling.

Heading to the Captain's holiday party. I will be surrounded by badge toting sausage ball eaters

Dare I say my interaction with the treadmill this morning was quite nice???

Static electricity in the house + white labrador + black pants = I look like the abominable snowman from the Rudolph cartoon

I'm afraid I see a pattern....I wrap five unwraps one present...This isn't good. Especially because none of them are for him.

Ok people its time to get the pumpkins off your porches

Oh the drama! Just can't take much more of this.

Can I pleeeeeeeeeeease go home now

Completely panicing because i think they have discontinued my peppermint chapstick

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