Saturday, December 6, 2008


The wonderful world of week in a nutshell...a small peek into my brain.

Agenda derailment. Getting Christmas stuff out of attic has resulted in rearranging upstairs bedroom furniture.

I screamed "He's goin'! He's goin'!" Captain thought leaning tree was falling over. I was actually talking about Georgia running for a TD.

I heart that kirk herbstreit.

Not a fan of the BCS

How did my son get cheese dip in his hair and how did i not see it until we got to church?

Wait a minute...I thought Texas beat Oklahoma.....????

Style point? What's a style point

Missing: Motivation and Focus. Last seen Friday, November 21.

Alarm clock. Treadmill.

Jingle bell necklace on occasionally mischievous dog is a perfect tracking device.

Enough already!!!

I could handle today much better if I could just wear these cozy jammie pants to work.

There is a dog dressed like santa in somebodys buggy at walmart. Is that allowed?

I love going to work smelling like fried eggs...

Why do I have a spatula in my tote bag? I could be on Let's Make a Deal....

Spent several hours with a friend's four month old today. Now I smell like baby. And spit up.

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