Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wreathy wreath

Well, so much for Winter Death 2008. I never even saw a single drop of ANYTHING fall, frozen or not. Oh well...

One more thing I want to show you, and then our little holiday decorating tour is complete.

I decided I wanted a wreath to hang on the mirror in my kitchen.

At the dollar store the other day, I found some garland and some little bags of fruit. I rolled the garland up into a circle and turned it into a wreath. A little hot glue, some ribbon and voila! A wreath for my kitchen. The whole thing cost less than $5 and took me about 10 minutes to put together. I did it while dinner was in the oven.

Look at those cute little fruit babies! I love that green color...

Ignore the crooked lampshade...



Well there's Jerry, perched on top of some ornaments. Hi Jerry!

Painter comes back today to finish it all up. Hitting my bedroom and bath and the kids' bathroom. Everything should be all done tonight so we can start moving this mess back where it belongs.

Happy Tuesday people! Hope your holiday to-do list is just clicking along! Christmas is getting closer and closer.....!!

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about going into interior decorating? You do such an excellent job. (That is in your spare time). HA!
If I were Jerry - I would hope that the "wassail pot" were going and would sit nearby - especially this AM.
Yes - we are on the countdown until Christmas.
Love ya