Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Miscellany

  • The painting is officially complete. I love it. The colors really are great. The smell lingers.

  • We ended up going with "Fig" in our bedroom. It's kind of green. Or brown. Or grey. Depending on where you are and what lights are on. It's perfect. I am attempting to convince the Captain that now our curtains and comforter do NOT match at all and must be replaced. The painter said that would be a nice Christmas present. I told him HE and his paint were my Christmas presents!

  • The kids' bathroom is "Chocolate Truffle" which looks exactly how it sounds. Gorgeous. They love it.

  • Things are still not quite back to normal, which is making me officially nuts. This is my dining room table all decorated for the holidays...

  • My heart is heavy today for our friend Traci who lost her dad yesterday. He had been fighting cancer and was doing "better" but suddenly developed a complication. I also have two other friends whose parents are facing terminal illnesses. There really is no "good time" to experience any of this, but this is an especially tough time of the year.

  • Could it be?! Do I really only have two more items on my shopping list and then I am D-O-N-E?!? Say it isn't so!

  • Jerry appears to have thought it best to just stay up and out of the way. Smart elf.

1 Wanna' ramble too?:

Tam said...

so sorry to hear about your friends father. sigh. youre right, no time is a good time. at least not in our time table.

and...i only 2 things left to buy too. i am SO on top of it this year!!