Monday, January 12, 2009

Monster Trucks and First Bucks

As my Daddy would say, "What a large time we had this weekend." It was the weekend of Monster Trucks and First Bucks.

Monster Trucks

Thanks to a very heavy advertising schedule which ran during the holidays, the Monster Truck Jam made a huge impression on Cooper. He begged us to go. Face it, when you are a six year old boy, huge trucks running over cars is pretty darn cool. I was able to score some tickets for Friday night. So off we went. To the Monster Truck Jam. And they weren't just regular tickets. We had tickets in a suite. Which cracked me up. Viewing the Monster Truck Jam from a suite.

Anyhoo, who am I to poke fun because people, I'm telling you -- it was a total riot! We had a blast. I may have screamed more than the kids did.

"Big Air!!!"

The cars have names.

Here is my personal favorite.... Donkey Kong....
But, hands down, the crowd fave was this big monster truck.... Grave Digger....

(Yes, people totally knew who these cars were before they even arrived that night. True fans. There were two teenage guys who made it on the big screen that had "Donkey Kong" and "Grave Digger" written on their bare chests.)

It was loud. It was hilarious. It was fun.

After the show, we were able to meet the drivers and get autographs.

As we were leaving the Forum, Cooper said, "Man, that was awesome!"

I couldn't have said it better myself!

First Bucks

Jordan got her first buck on Saturday!! She and the Captain went hunting for the day. About 4:30 pm, they saw four bucks. Jordan was very patient and waited for just the perfect shot. And she got it! All by herself! Her first buck!

He was a five point, about 125 pounds.

She is so proud of herself. We are too!

(There are lots of great pictures, but I don't post pictures of my kids' faces. For several reasons. So I had to crop out Jordan's smiling face on these.)

Soooo, we had a most exciting weekend.
And everybody is going to school and work today with show and tell pictures.

(This post may qualify for a Jeff Foxworthy "You might be a redneck if...." joke.)

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Anonymous said...

WOW - is there a "deer-killer" in the house???
Good for Jordan - am sure she is VERY proud.
Love Ya!

MCC said...

I like Donkey Kong too. Not for his driving ability, but for the cute paint job on the car.

I told you...Grave Digger is the hot truck!