Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Take Five

Five Places I Want To Be

Home -- Absolutely my favorite place in the world to be. As I get older, I am becoming more and more of a homebody. I am fairly certain that one day this may lead to that illness where you have a phobia of leaving your house.

Walt Disney World -- The only place in the world where there is no reality. I guess have been about five times in my life. Two of those times have been in the last few years with the Captain and my kids (once with my MIL and once with Connie & Crew) It's just pure bliss there people. No reality. It rocks.

Heaven -- Because then I could see my Daddy.

Target -- I am at this place at least once a week. At least. It is like therapy for me. Just pushing my red buggy up and down the aisles. I figure it costs about the same as it would if I were going to professional counseling. About $75 an hour. I heart that place. Heaven on earth.

Orange Beach, Alabama -- There really are not enough words about how much I love this place. We have gone down there for years and years. Waaayyyy before Connie or I were married. And now, as our kids have come along, we have gone almost every year (and stayed in the same beach house complex). We didn't go the year I was pregnant with Cooper, the year of the Hurricane, or last year when we went to Disney. Talk about a restful vacation. Wanna' know what we do when we go down there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We practically live in our bathing suits. And enjoy the sun, sand, and water. And enjoy being together. We rest and refuel. And just exist. It's wonderful. Truly a very special place to us.

What about you? Where do you want to be?

4 Wanna' ramble too?:

con said...

works for me!

mom said...

me,too - let's go!!!

Anonymous said...

ANYWHERE else but where I am right now! Maybe shopping and lunch with a friend...

angie said...

Great name! :)

I LOVE home.......and home home away from home is Target, too!