Saturday, January 17, 2009

My sporty week at Twitter

I have pulled "Sports Only Tweets" for your reading pleasure. Nothing like a little live-tweeting during a game. Last week featured quite the ups and downs in my sports world.

Who ya' pulling for in today's NFL playoffs? I'm going with my two faves: Tennessee Titans & Carolina Panthers.

C'mon Titans!

Dear Titans QB wearing blue shirt: You must throw the ball to another Titans player wearing a blue shirt.

Dear Titans QB: A touchdown before the half would be delightful. Thank you.

Oh great. Just figured out I *do* get the channel the Tigers are playing on. And they are down by 2. Now double nervousness.


oh my word titans

Back it up? He'll be kicking out the parking lot

Tigers just squeaked out a win

Man, this makes my stomach hurt


Can't. Take. It.

Oh poop. Make something happen Titans!

Is this the way it ends? How sad for the Titans

I now give all my loyalty to the Carolina Panthers. DeAngelo Williams is a Memphis boy. I'm not completely out of the football arena yet.

Goooooooooooo DeAngelooooooooooooooo!

C'mon Panthers. Please.

Dear Jake Delhomme: Please cut it out. You have to throw to people on your own team.

Am thinking this isn't going to turn out so well.

Was that the 5th interception? I've quit counting.

Not a very happy birthday for Jake Delhomme.

Day 2 of NFL Playoffs. Who's your pick? I think I'm going with the Eagles and Chargers. Yesterday was such a bust anyway.

Hmmmmm. The Captain just informed me he is pulling for the Giants and the Steelers. Well, at least one of us will win today.

At least one of my football picks won this weekend. Let's see if we can make it two. Pulling for Chargers. I like that little Sproles guy.

"Unnecessary demonstration" -- I think I could throw a flag on both my kids for that

Thank you CBS for running those Bloody Valentine movie promos during the football game. Great family viewing.

Well that stinks.

That little dude is fast.

Watching my tigers play!

TIgers!! REBOUND!!!

Evans is down

Whew! Just a cramp

Are you kidding me?!

Spare me the heartache Tigers. Please put this game away. You give me the hypertension.

Good grief tigers. Do something

Why do the announcers love to hate the tigers? They do not have to be so ugly. It is unprofessional

Pants. Pee.


Oh my goodness. That nearly killed me. GO TIGERS GO!!!

Stupid bias announcers - that shut them up.

Antonio's game winning shot was #2 on ESPN Top 10 plays.

Smoltz + Red Sox = Wrong

Let's watch it again, shall we?

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