Friday, January 23, 2009

My Tweety Week

Do you follow me on Twitter? Well why not? You are missing real-time updates of my very exciting life. See what you've missed?

Captain headed out of town for weekend. It's just me and the kids. And the dog. And the laundry.

Dear Tall Daughter: Thank you for helping me hang pictures.

Son in bathtub. Dog just came in kitchen soaking wet.

Watching my Tigers!!! Go Tigers Go!

Dear Tigers: Please rebound. Thank you.

Gonna' be a battle. C'mon Tigers. Don't you remember LAST YEAR'S game against UAB? Let me remind you...SPIT

Tyreeeeeekkkke. Evvaaaaaaaans!!!

Dear Announcer: Thou stinketh.

I think it is impossible to have all four laundry baskets AND the washer AND the dryer all empty at the same time. Just can't be done.

Dear men who don't usually grocery shop: get out of my way. Thank you

If you get things out of a old person's house, they smell like an old person's house. Just sayin'

What should I wear to the Inaugural Ball tomorrow night?

Son: "I am itching all over. I think I have fleas."


Red or yellow, black or white...Doesn't matter the color...It's just an exciting day. Hope I can watch some of it. Hope kids can too.

Snow + Inauguration Coverage = No Productivity

Just read this and couldn't have said it better myself: "Today it makes no difference how anyone voted...."

Did I really just get a fax that says "Call me if you don't get this." Huh???

Say what you want, but I love #43.

Dear Doggie: I love you, but we cannot go outside and play frisbee. It is 20 degrees out there. And you're the only one with a fur coat

Dear neighbor: you can take that wreath down any time now. Thanks

When somebody who is confusing tries to explain something that is confusing, it is confusing.

Hello sixty-two degrees. You are lovely. Please stay awhile.

Raise your hand if you know all the words to the long version of "American Pie".

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