Saturday, January 31, 2009

My week at Twitter

Yet another exciting week on Twitter.

Biscuits, bacon & the movie "Penelope".

Should we eat bacon while we watch "Penelope"? Hmmmm. And I even set out pork chops for dinner. Is that a mistake?

Rockin' to some Good Charlotte while I clean up the house.

Ready to cheer on my Memphis Tigers!!

Antonoiooooooooooooooo! From downtown! For threeeeeee! At the buzzer!! GO TIGERS GO!!

Dear Announcers: You make me sick

These announcers have pronounced Coach Cal's name fifteen different ways

I am wayyy too old for these last second wins my Tigers are pulling off.

Is there ANYTHING in this house that does not have white dog hair on it?

Dear Monday: What are you doing here so soon? Please go away.

Dear Weatherman: I am sick of your forecast of "cold rain" for us. Please make some of this stuff freeze.

Why is it so uncomfortable to step out of your comfort zone?

In case you were wondering, if you pour a pot of hot coffee down your hands, it burns. Just sayin'.

Are you kidding me?! One. Stupid. Degree.

No really. We were under an ICE STORM WARNING. And all we got is RAIN. And that's it. Not one sleet pellet or snow flake. BAH!

I'm breaking up with my weatherman.

The rain changed to snow for 45 minutes. We got 1/2". Schools are now closed. Seriously. I'll take it. Happy Birthday to me.

I would hate to waste perfectly good day at home AND my birthday by not taking a nap.

About to take 75 cents to whoever is banging the vending machine down the hall and shaking the whole building. It's just a honey bun people

Trying not to be swallowed whole by my to do list.

Eeeeeyowwww! PAPER CUT! PAPER CUT!

I am not too fond of the expression "playing phone tag".

I just met Houtson Nutt.

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