Saturday, January 3, 2009

My week on Twitter

In case you don't follow me in real-time on Twitter, here are the highlights:

Haven't seen DVD remote since Tuesday. Reward offered

Nap. Yum

Taking down the Christmas tree isn't nearly as much fun as putting it up.

No holiday food + no parties + no company + no extended family + peace and quiet + low key + rest = our day

Christmas is officially over at my house. Happy New Year

Pullin' for the Eagles. I hate all things Cowboys

Back to work today. Yuck Yuck Yuck.

Honestly, did we not do ANY laundry last week???

Have almost made it through this crazy little thing called work. And to think nobody even noticed I wore my slippers all day.

Great. There has been "suspicious internet activity" with my credit card. Hoping bank caught it quick enough and put the kibosh on it.

Coffee rocks

Hey 2008 - Where are you going? Didn't you just get here?

Cream cheese is straight from heaven

I just hit my 1,000 update! I think I'll celebrate by fixing dinner!

Way cool thing going on in the sky tonight. Venus, Mercury & Jupiter all lined up. Love that stuff. I should have been a weather peep.

What a finish! Way to go Vandy!

Just finished watching tivo'd LSU/Ga Tech game. Apparently Ga Tech had some schedule mix-up or something. They didn't show. Geaux Tigers!

No, I don't think I can make it just thirty more minutes. Really. Good night. And Happy New Year my Tweeters!

Hello 2009! Nice to meet you!

Love: Sausage balls. Hate: Making them.

Son watching too much TV: "All four of us in this family need a Snuggie."

I have a house full of lazy. And it totally rocks.

Son watching too much TV: "Are you washing your face with ProActiv?"

There are Nerf darts all over my house

Oh but another day that has no name. Bliss

Son watching too much TV: "Pool tables are only $799. Is that a lot?"

Son watching too much TV: "Hey Mom, did you order Snuggies for us? Get royal blue because that's the color of the Memphis Tigers."

Son watching too much TV: "And they come with two press and open booklights."

Dear Daughter who sleeps til noon: Breakfast was over five hours ago. We've moved on to ham sandwiches now.

Son watching too much TV: "It's at eight, seven central."

I'm home alone. I should be cleaning up the house. Yet, I have made wiser decision to crash in the big chair and watch the football game.

What a first half that was. Rebels hanging on!

Hot doggin' will cost you six points. C'mon Rebels!

Stop 'em!

Hold on to the stupid ball!

Calm down you Texas Tech Red Raiders. I know you are mad about losing, but you really can't sock somebody in the face like that.

What a game! Could be best bowl we've seen yet.

Dear Arkansas: Remember Houston Nutt? The coach you fired? He just gave Texas Tech a booty-whippin' at the Cotton Bowl.

Ummm, hey Alabama -- the game has started!

Son who was just told to take his toys to his room: "Why does everybody slave me around?"

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